October 9, 2011

And now, to get some faces on here!

The first photo was taken on at Golden Gardens in Ballard, Wa. My friend, who does not normally allow his image to be recorded let me take his picture as part of our goodbyes.

The latter was taken at Castlewood Canyon near Franktown, Co. It was my first time bouldering. As you can see, Kyle had no problem leaping from rock to rock. I happened to be terrified. I tried though. And then I got to watch Kyle jump for a bit and get this picture!


07-11. Golden Gardens, Wa. Pentax 35mm.

09-11. Castlewood Canyon, Co. Pentax 35mm.


October 8, 2011

Hello Again. Thanks for coming back for day 2! I can’t believe we have already made it this far in archiving my collection.¬†

The pictures I am posting today were taken around Ballard, Wa. Again taken on my Pentax camera.

Ballard, Wa. 35mm Pentax.

Ballard, Wa. Pentax 35mm.

October 7, 2011

It is a common problem. Personal writings get left behind on forsaken laptops.  Photographs are unwittingly banished to impossible corners of cyberspace. Or maybe it is just me.

Either way, this website is an attempt to bring my works together for the benefit of myself, possible employers, and possibly bored friends and family.

Thanks for joining.

I have yet to figure the best way to do this, but each day I plan to add a little until something like a portfolio has arisen out of the clot of links, photos and words here on this page.

Here is a couple of photographs taken at Lakeside Amusement, September, 2011. Taken on my 35 mm Pentax camera.

09-11. Lakeside Amusement. Denver, Co.

9-11. Lakeside Amusement. Denver, Co.