March 1, 2012

1-12. Denver, Co. Canon EOS 60D.

With the advent of the digital camera in my life, I am beginning to take pictures of things which did not even get one click of the shutter from my film camera. I have a freedom with the digital to learn and practice different styles of photography.

One of those new areas is food photography. This is an area I have never really experimented with, but have seen how beautifully it can be done by following my friend Dana Shultz through her blog, My Little Celebration.

Already I try to cook with a certain amount of presentation, hopefully that makes the transition a bit easier for me. Anyway, here are a first few tryin’s in food photography.


2-12. Denver, Co. Canon EOS 60D.

2-12. Denver, Co. Canon EOS 60D.


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  1. Friend, you are too kind! Thanks for the mention.

    Your food photos are looking lovely! I would recommend experimenting with natural light. It makes getting a quality photo so much easier! It’s byfar my favorite 😀

  2. […] with all branches of photojournalism. So far I have gone back and done sports (hula-hoop), food, and now concert […]

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