November 8, 2011

'05-'06. Lindsborg, Ks.

Another pull from what I am working on.

The boy was not handsome. He stuck out in the hallways as someone on acid would. He smiled at people, though it was a prideful smile. He wore headphones and played his music loud. The whole world around him was quiet and weird. It was the music in his head that made sense, that made beauty and that vibrated with him. With the headphones on he was disconnected from people who stared at him. They looked goofy just staring at him with his headphones on.

Sometimes he held hands with a younger girl in school. Sometimes they would talk after school, or sit together. He would put his headphones on her head and introduce her to his world. A world where the stupid universe was silent and all that sounded was the rythmic logic of music.

'05-'06. Lindsborg, Ks.

'05-'06. Lindsborg, Ks.


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