October 11, 2011

As the collection of my pictures have been split between Seattle and Denver , so I have been. Seattle was my life and Denver holds the potential for what will be, but I do not truly belong to either right now.

The feeling of not belonging and not knowing helped spur this blog into existence. It is a tangible reminder, to myself and those following, that I am embracing a new beginning and laying groundwork for possible paths ahead.

It may only be a little, but it takes small steps to learn a big city.

Again, the first photo was taken in Seattle. The following one was taken in Denver. Although there really isn’t much to these two photos, they each grab my eye with bizarre pattern and contrast. The first one has an airy, almost absent subject matter while the second subject is more present, but unearthly.

07-11. Fremont, Wa. Pentax 35mm.

09-11. Castlewood Canyon, Co. Pentax 35mm.


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