October 26, 2011

08-11. Ballard, Wa. Pentax, 35mm.

08-11. Ballard, Wa. Pentax, 35mm.


October 24, 2011

09-11. Castlewood Canyon, Co. Pentax, 35mm.

October 23, 2011

08-11. California. Pentax, 35mm.

Sorry y’all. You may have to bear with me for a while as I work on this blog. I know I want to change a few things, and until those ideas become clearer for me, I may be slow on posting as well as short in verse.


October 20, 2011

04-11. Homer, Ak. Pentax, 35mm.

Hey y’all. 

As it is a wonderfully yellow fall day out I can’t stay in the basement all life-long; so I won’t say much.

This is another picture from beautiful Alaska.

And I’m out!

October 19, 2011

04-11. Ballard, Wa. Pentax 35mm.

Howdy.  Today is technically my Friday, and I get the next three days off! I’ll be damned or dead if I don’t get out for a photo shoot this weekend.

Who wants to join me?

Where ever you are, you should get out and take some pictures!


October 16, 2011

Ballard, Wa. Pentax, 35mm.

Just in case y’all enjoy looking at my blog and really wanted to engage the photos, I will let you in on a little tip. If you click on the pictures they get larger and you can see more detail than originally you could within the post! You probably knew that already. Some of them stand up to that really well (such as “Bridge”).  But for example, the above photo was really fun big. I used the little digital magnifying glass a few times; it felt like I was doing detective work! 


October 15, 2011

Ballard, Wa. Pentax, 35 mm.

Apparently in Denver they have “sale days” at the Goodwills, where everything in the store is 50% off. A miracle, some would say.

So I picked up a photography book today among the throng of bloodthirsty thrifters. Two things on that. ONE: I am committing myself to this blog and to bettering my photography skills. TWO: I got back a roll of dark film from Walgreens today. Bleh.

So we will see if this book has some good pointers. I have forgotten alot of the technical things I learned about film photography and would like oh so much to remember.


04-11. Homer, Alaska. Pentax, 35mm.

October 14, 2011

07-11. Golden Gardens. Pentax, 35mm.

I am posting this picture of the balloons for Kyle today because he likes this picture and

because he has started his own blog!

See it here.

Its a music blog! I am equal parts excited and

proud already. I expect great things from the man I love!

That will be all for today.

Thanks for keeping up everyone. 

11-10. Lindsborg, Ks. Pentax, 35 mm.

October 13, 2011

I have so many pictures of Kyle standing out at low tide. You’d think thats how the kid spent his west coast days. Not that it would have been a bad thing. Golden Gardens (pictured) and Discovery Park (unfortunately I must have misplaced that roll when we moved) were amazing places to be at low tide. Discovery in particular. And I have a picture of Kyle saying goodbye to the coast at low tide in Cresent City California before we turned inland, headed for landlocked Denver (perhaps you’ll see it one day).

There’s something like magic about low tide. There is something magic about the moon. There is something magic about telephone wire. Does your voice really travel through that little cord?

07-11. Golden Gardens, Wa. Pentax, 35mm.

06-11. Ballard, Wa. Pentax 35mm.

October 12, 2011

7-11. Golden Gardens. Pentax 35mm.

A few weeks ago, Kyle and I went to our first Denver concert. It was an all day music festival type, full of lo-fi bands, ambiant bands, and expirimental jam bands. We came and went throughout the day, always enjoying the bands we stayed to watch. Headlining was one of my favorites of the past year, How To Dress Well.

I strive that any of my work should grasp at the same vintage, lo-fi aesthetic of HTDW. Somehow this style added to Tom’s passion achieves a clarity of feeling that is unique to HTDW.

If you like this there are more videos on the How To Dress Well blog.

07-11. Golden Gardens. Pentax 35mm.

07-11. Golden Gardens. Pentax 35mm.

It is funny because these pictures that I feel have come the closest to the feeling, were  bad pictures fallen prey to premature exposure.

Don’t always try so hard! Have fun and don’t be afraid to make mistakes.